The validation will comprise three steps namely:

  1. evaluating the reliability and especially the completeness and correctness of the automated processing, 
  2. evaluating the reliability of the conventional, operator driven data processing especially with respect to local variations in these results, possibly caused by variations in the behavior of the operator and by variations in the quality of the input data and 
  3. evaluating variations of the automated results caused by variations in the given data.

Figure 6 shows the workflow diagram of the project. For the evaluation of the proposed methods, we formulate two scientific hypotheses postulating that the shell-bed was formed by a tsunami or a major storm and that pre- and post-event processes can be reconstructed.

To evaluate the proposed “smart approach”, a complete interactive evaluation of the whole site will be performed, which allows for a cross-validation of the results. By this, this project covers highly relevant topics of the two scientific disciplines Photogrammetry and Geology.

Figure 6: Workflow diagram of the project showing the "Smart Approach" proposed for highly automated processing and evaluation (left) and the conventional approach (right) for evaluating and validating the results of the smart approach.