The Austrian TV "ORF" visited Oyster team today

NEWTON team from Austrian national public service broadcaster ORF has visited Natural History Museum to interview leader of the "Smart Geology" project Mathias Harzhauser. Afterwards, they visited GEO department at TU Wien and had interaction with Professor of Photogrammetry Norbert Pfeifer and PhD student Ana Djuricic regarding the projectslatest results:

1) Harzhauser, M., Djuricic, A., Mandic, O., Dorninger, P., Nothegger, C., Székely, B., Puttonen, E., Molnár, G., Pfeifer, N., 2015a. Disentangling the history of complex multi-phased shell beds based on the analysis of 3D point cloud data. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 437, 165–180.

2) Harzhauser, M., Djuricic, A., Mandic, O., Neubauer, T. A., Zuschin, M. and Pfeifer, N., 2015b. Age structure, carbonate production and shell loss rate in an Early Miocene reef of the giant oyster Crassostrea gryphoides. Biogeosciences.

Second part of filming will be performed together with 4D-IT team later this week directly on the World's largest fossil oyster reef (at Stetten in Lower Austria). Stay tuned! We'll soon let you know where you can watch the final video.

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