See the world's largest fossil oyster reef


during EGU 28 April – 02 May 2014

The geo-edutainment park "Fossilienwelt Weinviertel" at Stetten in Lower Austria close to Vienna exposes the world's largest fossil oyster reef. About 15.000 up to 80-cm-long shells of the giant oyster Crassostrea gryphoides cover a 600 m² large area. The densely packed shell bed represents an event layer that had formed about 16.5 million years ago in a tropical estuary.

More than 650 species have been described from that Early Miocene ecosystem, which flourished during the onset of the last global climate maximum, known as the Middle Miocene Climate Optimum.


The largest fossil oyster

The oldest "Ganges dolphin"

The largest fossil pearl

The last alligator in Europe

Free shuttle bus ("hop on hop off") starting in front of Austria Center Vienna.

Reduced entrance (EUR 5,-) to be payed at "Fossilienwelt Weinviertel".

Monday, 28th April:  9:00;  12:00;  15:00

Tuesday, 29th April:  9:00;  12:00;  15:00

Wednesday, 30th April: 9:00;  12:00;  15:00

Thursday, 1th May:  9:00;  12:00;  15:00

Friday, 2nd May:  9:00;  12:00;  15:00


EGU Special Event: Oyster reef excursion 

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