Disentangling the history of complex multi-phased shell beds based on the analysis of 3D point cloud data



Terrestrial laser scanning is documented as an innovative method to handle large paleontological data sets.

We present a GIS-based data set of a single Miocene shell bed with 10,283 manually outlined objects.

At least four phases of settlement, amalgamated in a single shell bed, are identified.

Alignment of elongate shells in dense shell beds may cause patches of orientations.

Post-event processes severely distort potential storm or tsunami patterns in shell beds within a few years.


Mathias Harzhauser, NHM

Ana Djuricic, TUW 

Oleg Mandic, NHM

Martin Zuschin, UNI Wien

Peter Dorninger, 4D-IT

Clemens Nothegger, 4D-IT

Balázs Székely, TUW

Eetu Puttonen, FIG 

Gábor Molnár, TUW

Norbert Pfeifer, TUW 

Category: News, Smart Geology News